BRM Slot Car show Tacoma 2014

It took place 13 to 16 November 2014, the first BRM Slot Car Show at the opening of the fantastic ScaleRacing Center in Tacoma (USA ) Alan Smith . You can no doubt define the " paradise of the slot " ... at the moment there are 3 tracks in wood within this center : a 8 , a 6 and a 4 lane ... All these managed by the timing system IST Vincenzo Ottaviano ( come he also for the opportunity to install his system on the slopes ) . But all this is still in expansion . Mr. Alan Smith is building a drag strip but may not be over there. Truly a very large space with also a relaxation room with kitchen and TV room, garage and much more.

The flagship event of the BRM Slotcar show was undoubtedly the 24 hours with the new BRM McLaren F1 GTR , which took place from 10:00 on Saturday ... the machines were supplied by BRM and painted by Mr. Pascal Baratella in person and tested directly from 100 % Slot Car Club before being shipped to the United States .

10 teams at the start. Thursday morning the McLarens were drawn for each team . During the days of Thursday and Friday the teams were able to test and set his McLaren ... In these two days have been also carried out sprint races boundary with the other models BRM : Megane , Group C and Porsche 917 .

Thursday afternoon the first challenge with the Megane ... 22 riders at the start ... 12 of them have ventured , with your own car , in the 8 -lane track ... the other 10 have raced with car rental in lane fixed ( IROC race ) ... touched all-Italian podium in the first race with Max Amerighi who triumphs with its stunning Megane customized Team Perdonas , after three laps from the sample Lorenzo Cuomo and 4 laps from local Jeff Garner . Escapes for just around the podium to another Italian Angelo Rollo .

On the evening of Monday other sprint race . This time it is the turn of the Porsche 917. 17 participants in the street ... you always run on the track 8 lanes . This time the podium is all Italian . The ever personalizzatissima 917 of Amerighi seems to have wings and this time Cuomo had to settle for second place at 8 laps away ... 3 laps in third place this time you square Angelo Rollo with his Porsche 917 " Webland 2000 " in front of a excellent fourth Jeff Garner .

Friday morning completely for fittings with McLaren ... then in the afternoon race awaited Group C , category very popular in America ... in fact occur at the start 30 riders showing off various Porsche 962 , Toyota and Sauber ... all made with the new chassis anglewinder ... this time it runs on both tracks 6:08 lanes ... then 14 rounds of 3 minutes each ... this category includes home riders seem much more prepared and seasoned well ... but this time 2/3 of the podium are Italians ... Cuomo said law from ' beginning with his Porsche 962 LeytonHouse and triumphs with 10 laps ahead on the excellent Jeff Garner with her beautiful Toyota Dealer's ... just a half turn placed third in sorpresissima David Wallis with his Porsche 962 froma kindly offered by the " Cedar" ... problems with the rear tires for Amerighi who must leave at 2 rounds from the end.

Then everyone to take McLaren that begin at 21:00 qualifications ... last settings fast ... try LED with 15 minutes of practice in the dark and then off ... after 3 sprint races absolute favorites of Italian boys BRM team represented for qualifications from Lorenzo Cuomo that immediately makes a tempone and takes home plate " POLE POSITION " offer for the occasion by the BRM ... Choosing the lane on which to start and then to bed .

ScaleRacing Center opening hours 9 : 00 ... early in the race at 10 : 00 ... it runs on both tracks 6:08 lanes ... run from 51 minutes with repetition in both tracks ... partly strong team Weekend Warriors ( McLaren red ) going to command followed a few laps from the BRM team ( McLaren white) ... to a quarter of the race the BRM team is in the lead but a problem prior to the cockpit and then with the brushes do lose the lead to Italian boys into third place ... 22:00 begins the night session , the command is the Group 24 ( Harrods McLaren ) team followed by team Emsa ( McLaren yellow ) , BRM , LCR ( blue ) and Energeezers (green ) all just turns away to ... 4:00 back light and the BRM team returns to the first place , however, closely followed by Team EMSA ... 4 hours after you understand now that is running a 2 for first place ... but being in two different tracks you can not understand who eventually will tick ... 3 rounds at the end of 24 hours and the BRM team has to run only on the track 6 lanes ( much slower ) and the team EMSA on 8 lanes ( nearly 3 seconds a lap faster) ... the BRM team arrives in two rounds from the end with 180 laps ahead but in the other track team EMSA earns almost 100 laps to run ... while the Group 24 team blinda third place at the expense of Energeezers and LCR ( which, however, places the Best Lap race ) ... the last heat rains in the wet for the BRM team that is forced to change the crown , but a few minutes left in the team EMSA must change the brushes faster than ever ... Lorenzo Cuomo 's BRM team approaches up only 2 turns away but 7/8 minutes left in the team EMSA falls on track despite some problems and the machine starts to grind laps albeit slowly but takes home the top spot with just nine laps ahead of third place on the BRM team ... for Group 24 .

Awards rite with prizes offered by the BRM also ... including BEST LAP that goes to Tom Hansen of the LCR team ... all the teams were very satisfied by the performance of the new McLaren BRM and appreciated the new chassis and engine banchino BRM .

Alan Smith makes an appointment next year for sure where the BRM team will not fail .

Special thanks to Vincenzo Ottaviano IST , Lorenzo Cuomo , Max Amerighi and Angelo Rollo who have been part of the BRM team representing in an honorable and professional our brand with which we spent a wonderful week ... a big thanks to Pascal Baratella who has struggled to paint the 11 beautiful cars for the race ... thanks to Riccardo Petrucci 100% Slotcar club that has prepared and set all the cars for the race ... and finally a big thank you to Alan Smith who treated us to real guests , who built believing in BRM a magnificent center dedicated entirely to the world of slot cars and who wish a huge success.

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