And is held in Verona on the Occasion of the first World Expo Model BRM with group C in 1/24 scale ... 6 hours endurance race where you are presented via the 12 teams from all over Italy but also from Brazil , From the USA , Holland and from Switzerland.
Here is a small report of the race :
12 team at the start Saturday morning ... 8 4 from Italy and from abroad .
At 10:00 am via the draw of the machines ... 12 BRM gr.C ( 4 Porsche 962-4 Toyota 88C - 4 Sauber C9 ) All with the new frame anglewinder ... All Teams Have Got to try and set your machine at 16:00 until Saturday afternoon WHEN I Matches qualifications ... (see race and qualifying),the best time was made by David Cervellieri team 100 % slot car racing with a Porsche 962 against all odds .

After qualifying, the cars remained in the park closed until 10:00 on Sunday morning when , after 10 minutes of warm-up, was kicked off the race ... They start very strong Dutch team Slotshop with their Toyota STP led by the young Desmond Dekker ( really very good ) that close with 5 laps ahead on Swiss and their new Sauber C9 ... is the first battery of the Dutch in their first heat of the record number of laps in a single battery .
In batteries subsequent starts , however, the decline of the Dutch team and seem to make the masters , the Swiss led by Pascal Fluckiger followed by 100 % slot car team and Perdonas team ... just behind the American team Scaleracing Alan Smith .
After the half , the Swiss also begin to decline and comiciano setting to one 100% slot car and the team Perdonas ... is only during the tenth battery that much quoted Perdonas manage to overcome with their Toyota TakaQ Porsche Budweiser 100% ... in the next battery is pure entertainment , for almost half an hour of the race the two machines running almost matched each other ... but they are always Perdonas to stay ahead ... behind the Swiss are guaranteed the third place while the Scaleracing team makes sure the wooden spoon ... behind big challenge for glory in the derby Padova - Vicenza for those arriving before the other , the end is to dull Vicenza .
The last battery is almost a formality for the champion Lorenzo Cuomo keep three laps ahead and then win with the team Perdonas , the first global group C BRM ... just last battery Cuomo manages to place the lap fastest race also winning the coveted trophy " fASTEST LAP "

Conclusions and A Toyota came first , Second and third A A Porsche Sauber ... finally we managed to machines but diversified Building 3 with Same performance ... and this was just What we wanted .

A heartfelt thanks from all the BRM to all participants , especially the four teams from abroad ... special thanks to Riccardo Petrucci 100% slot car club without whom this would not have been possible a ... thanks to Giacomo Negri , the fastest man in the world to assemble and disassemble the slopes ... and finally a big thank you to Marco Ballardini for his availability and his two wonderful tracks where our machines group C have been shown to be finally machines reliable , fast and fun .